“Reducing Poverty and Improving Standards of Living in the Widow Colonies – Delhi”

January 2015 : Introducing Project : 84 Sisters

Following our rickhshaw distribution & Make Drugs History employment projects, Seva84 has started yet another much needed empowerment initiative, to enable our underprivileged communities in the 1984 widow / genocide colonies to become self sufficient. Seva84 has set up a small clothes stitching center with export quality sewing machines to enable the mass production of various clothes items.








The “84 Sisters” project is designed to generate employment for women during flexible hours at their convenience.

Over the past 5 months, “84 Sisters” project has been training women from poor households how to stitch professionally. We are training 4-6 women each month. Currently 25 women are benefitting from this work scheme, working just 4 hour shifts over 5 days a week thus raising their household monthly income.

Our main produce is currently Kachara’s, which has been sold at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, wholesalers and directly to customers. This is all thanks to you caring people.

Each person / business that purchases “84 Sisters” produce is supporting self sustainability in the Genocide Widow Colonies, Delhi and are contributing to lifting these forgotten people out of poverty.

Phase 2 of this project will be commencing in the near future. Thank you all for your amazing support for Seva84 which has helped to empower our SISTERS!!

December 2014 : Ongoing Support for the Needy

023113032032106020Seva84 has installed a western style toilet into this impoverished household. The family that lives here has been supported by Seva84 for 3 years now, with education healthcare and employment.

This family is based in Tilak Vihar, the main widow / genocide colony in Delhi. The toilet was installed as one of the family members is suffering from health issues, and therefore struggles greatly to use the old Indian style toilet.

With blessings from the Infinite True Lord, and your kind support, this seva is able to continue. Thank you all for your continued faith, trust and support.




December 2014 : Education Matters Project

Uniform5Uniform4Uniform3Uniform2Uniform1In the genocide survivor colony of Tilak Vihar Seva84 sponsors the education of children living below the poverty line which includes some, or in most of our current cases all of the following depending on individual circumstances:

• admission fees

• tuition fees

• school equipment

• school uniforms

We know our beneficiaries and we do not provide help to those families who have received large benefits from elsewhere. It is very important that selection and distribution of aid is done in a fair and equal way and that donations are not abused.

New size-specific uniforms have been distributed over the past few months, only to those families who could otherwise not afford.

Seva84 are on the ground in the Genocide / widow colonies all year around, we work independently and carry out our own assessments on the families we help.

December 2014 : USYS Deadlift Competition

ਸਭੁ ਕਿਛੁ ਵਸਗਤਿ ਸਾਹਿਬੈ ਆਪੇ ਕਰਣ ਕਰੇਵ ॥ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਕੈ ਬਲਿਹਾਰਣੈ ਮਨਸਾ ਸਭ ਪੂਰੇਵ ॥
Everything is in the Hands of our Lord and Master; He Himself is the Doer of deeds. I am a sacrifice to the True Guru, who fulfils all hopes and desires.

10835136_883478291693053_8904695210068633707_oWith Guru Sahib in mind, the USYS raised over £4000 (including gift aid) for Seva84 ! This seva will go a long way, and we will certainly bring you updates on how these funds have been utilized.

The Deadlift Competition 2014 was a huge success. Sikhs travelled from far and wide from across the UK in an effort to promote ekta, confidence and fitness amongst the youth. The deadlift competition was to honor the bravery, courage and sacrifice of the beloved char sahibzadey. We offer profound thanks to everyone who supported and took park in this event in particular the USYS.

You can get in contact with USYS at https://www.facebook.com/USYSchannel
Promotional Video :

Deadlift Competition :

dec6tthDecember 2014 : Make Drugs History Project UPDATE
Remember Kashmir Singh? He was enrolled on our MDH project earlier this year, which is an intense anti drug and employment program specifically to cater for the physical and mental health needs of those who reside in the genocide colonies Delhi.

On successfully completing the Drug Rehabilitation program, these men are then placed on a Gursikhi course to learn the principles of the Sikh faith and understand the basics of Gurbani. The final stage of our MDH project is to keep the individuals occupied with employment so their minds are not focused on drugs and to make them self sufficient. Seva84 has successfully secured Kashmir Singh and two others with employment on completing Drug Rehabilitation.

There are many youths loosing their lives to drugs since 1984 genocide. Seva84 are currently motivating individuals to

• give up a life of drugs

• enrol on Seva84’s Make Drugs History project

• to live clean lives, with Guru Sahib in mind

• and start to earn an honest living.

Our work is not a quick and easy fix which can be shown in a single picture. We invest a lot of time and energy in to this seva and the persons we work with. If you would like to join charity Seva84 to help change the lives of others for the better, please email contact@seva84.com and lets MAKE DRUGS HISTORY!

November 2014 : Encouraging Self Sustainability 
Seva84 has supported this family at a time when their business was failing.

Seva84 ensured the family received specialist business guidance, and provided the necessary finance to improve and ensure the family’s business is able to survive.

Following an assessment, the finance needed was given on a 80% loan 20% grant basis. We are pleased to announce that the family have paid back almost half the loan after only 4 months, and their business is now standing strong.




September 2014 : Guru Manio Granth Project
sept 4thUnfortunately due to years of neglect, living in deprived conditions and around negative social influences, the character and aspirations of those in Tilak Vihar in particular is at a low. To improve character personification, confidence and to raise aspirations and attainment in both adults and youth, Seva84 started the Guru Manio Granth initiative.

Under the Guru Manio Granth initiative we currently :

– Enable the learning of Gurbani Keertan in two colonies. This has been on going for over two years.

– Hold 1-4 keertan programs per month

– Hold Gurmukh classes alongside Nitnem classes for those who are already learned in Gurmukhi.

– We will soon be running a trial for two Gurmat classes for the benefit of individual families.

Most of the above is being done with no monetary charge to Seva84.

Additionally, Seva84 has aided with 3 marriages of young women from poor families, and has facilitated medication costs for two gareebi shaheed perivars.

August 2014 : Your Prayers Required

ਦਇਆ ਮਇਆ ਕਰਿ ਪ੍ਰਾਨਪਤਿ ਮੋਰੇ ਮੋਹਿ ਅਨਾਥ ਸਰਣਿ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਤੋਰੀ ॥
Please be kind and compassionate, O Lord of my life; I am helpless, and I seek Your Sanctuary, God.
ਅੰਧ ਕੂਪ ਮਹਿ ਹਾਥ ਦੇ ਰਾਖਹੁ ਕਛੂ ਸਿਆਨਪ ਉਕਤਿ ਨ ਮੋਰੀ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥
Please, give me Your Hand, and lift me up, out of the deep dark pit. I have no clever tricks at all. ||1||Pause||
ਕਰਨ ਕਰਾਵਨ ਸਭ ਕਿਛੁ ਤੁਮ ਹੀ ਤੁਮ ਸਮਰਥ ਨਾਹੀ ਅਨ ਹੋਰੀ ॥
You are the Doer, the Cause of causes – You are everything. You are All-powerful; there is no other than You.
ਤੁਮਰੀ ਗਤਿ ਮਿਤਿ ਤੁਮ ਹੀ ਜਾਨੀ ਸੇ ਸੇਵਕ ਜਿਨ ਭਾਗ ਮਥੋਰੀ ॥੧॥
You alone know Your condition and extent. They alone become Your servants, upon whose foreheads such good destiny is recorded. ||1||

Here, is a terminally ill man. Seva84 enables urgent aid for cases like this, who are otherwise forced to overlook their medical needs due to living in poverty. Initial test Seva was done by Surjit Kaur, and on going medication costs is being done by the Saini family USA, thank you.

August 2014: Your Prayers Required

ਸਮਰਥ ਸੁਆਮੀ ਕਾਰਣ ਕਰਣ ॥ ਮੋਹਿ ਅਨਾਥ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਤੇਰੀ ਸਰਣ ॥ ਜੀਅ ਜੰਤ ਤੇਰੇ ਆਧਾਰਿ ॥ ਕਰਿ ਕਿਰਪਾ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਲੇਹਿ ਨਿਸਤਾਰਿ ॥੨॥
Our All-powerful Lord and Master is the Doer of all, the Cause of all causes. I am an orphan – I seek Your Sanctuary, God. All beings and creatures take Your Support. Be merciful, God, and save me. ||2||

We humbly request your aardas for a woman, from a 1984 genocide affected family.

Seva84 has been supporting a lady (with children) who is today undergoing a serious operation to have her uterus removed. This is because a large tumour has been found therein. The medical treatment and operation costs currently stand at over 30,000RS (£300 approx) and is increasing by the day. This Seva is being financed by Gursangat through Seva84.

case100601August 2014: Help for little Palvinder Singh
Palvinder Singh is just a baby, since his birth one of his eyes does not open,- it seems he is suffering from some sort of eye disease. Doctors have recommended a CT scan, MRI brain scan and Orbit Contrast evaluation which has all been funded by Seva84. Palvinder Singh’s parents are living below the line of poverty therefore Seva84 has committed to stand by Palvinder Singh during his time of need. Following the tests, thankfully it appears there is no neurologic problem with little Palvinder Singh, but we are now ensuring he attends a specialist eye hospital to rule out other possibilities in an effort to find the root cause and obtain an accurate diagnosis. In the mean time, please keep Palvinder Singh in your aardas.


1234062_811302172243999_5092194761403552772_nAugust 2014 : Education Matters
This young lady is a talented student. Since three of her family members were lost in the November 1984 Genocide, her family has faced financial and other hardships. Her father is a positive influence of Gursikhi in the poverty stricken genocide colony of Tilak Vihar. Seva84 is ensuring she can further her education so she has the scope to reach her full academic potential. We want the children of the colonies to be well educated and to champion the professions they wish to take in life.



case100544July 2014 : Healthcare
Left : This is a resident of the Genocide Widow Colony Delhi. She suffers from over active thyroid. She neglects her medication due to financial hardships. With your support Seva84 has committed to providing her with the medication she needs, which is only around £7 (US$11/12) monthly.

Right : This is a 14 year old student, who’s family are survivors of the November 1984 Genocide. Her appetite had reduced significantly, and she had symptoms of headaches, aching body and high fever. Earlier this month, she was later diagnosed with typhoid and was in need of immediate treatment. Unlike the UK, there is no national health service to rely on, and healthcare often has to be overlooked by many due to the expense.

Seva84 was approached for help. We immediately conducted a full assessment and Seva84 then provided support towards the medical treatments required. We are currently on standby in the likeliness of more treatments being needed.

July 2014 : Self Sustainability and Employment Project

Thanks to your kind support, Seva84 has to date allocated 7 new electronic rickshaws and 1 second hand auto rickshaw to needy families who have survived the November 1984 Genocide (for more information visit the Projects section of this website).

This is Sandeep Singh, who lost his beloved father in the November 1984 Genocide, following this they have faced many financial hardships. Sandeep Singh works as a low paid sales man. He lives with his wife and two children and struggles to pay for their tuition fees. Seva84 has allocated him an auto rickshaw which will improve his familly’s household income.

462843_802843119756571_971947940296028480_oJuly 2014 : Healthcare of Kiranjeet Singh

Kiranjeet Singh, aged 28 is living in overcrowded conditions below the poverty line. His family are survivors of the November 1984 Genocide. He had been suffering for 2 months from fistula and required an immediate operation. As his family can not afford the operation costs, Seva84 were requested to step in.

Thank You for making this possible ! Guru Kirpa Di Naal Kiranjeet Singh’s operation has now taken place and he is making a speedy recovery.

May 2014 : Healthcare
Rajvinder Kaur could not afford basic medical treatments following an accident she had earlier this year.
Seva84 have been supporting the medical costs for Rajvinder Kaur. Although the costs are minimal (around £3-11 pounds per month), Rajvinder Kaur could not afford it. Thank you for your support in making this seva possible.





1973873_746637705377113_8232321799823431030_o April 2014 : Education Matters


Seva84 Continues to sponsor the education of students from poor and needy families. In most cases this includes Admission Fees, Tuition Fees and Uniforms. For more information please see the projects section of this website.



10174980_744645425576341_3334154535936713640_n April 2014 : Mata Ishwari Kaur

Mata Ji survived the November 1984 genocide but unfortunately she lost her father in law, home and all family assets. Ever since they have struggled on, and today they are living below the poverty line in an overcrowded flat that is home for 8 persons. There is only one person at home who earns with an average monthly income of 16000rs per month.

Mata Ji is suffering from paralysis and has sores on her back. She has requested a wheelchair from Seva84. With blessings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Guru’s sangat has been able to provide this seva. Seva84 has done much work in the fields of healthcare, education, employment, marriages, and just last week we have started the Make Drugs History Project in the Genocide Widow Colonies, Delhi. – Thank You to all who supports this seva, this is not possible without your continued support.

April 2014 – Employment and MDH Project

Do you remember Bibi Amarjeet Kaur and her Husband Kashmir Singh? (from Seva84 Aftermath film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNGYNM4apOo ).

Seva84 has enrolled Bibi Amarjeet Kaur on a sewing course for two months now. On successfully completing her sewing course she will able to work from home to generate income. All that she needs to get started will be gifted from Guru Sahib’s sangat through Seva84. Amarjeet Kaur’s Husband is Kashmir Singh, who will also achieve employment on successfully completing the Make Drugs History that was launched earlier this month.

April 2014 : Seva84’s Make Drugs History (MDH) Project
These three young men have been directly affected by the November 1984 Genocide. They are all abusers of illegal substances due to the trauma and neglect following the genocide. Much research, time, effort and specialist advice has been put into this project initiated by Seva84. These three young men have now been enrolled on the Seva84 Make Drugs History Project. This is a tailored drug rehab program, under the advice and guidance of specialists in the field of addiction and mental health. All individuals enrolled on the project benefit from:

– Individual and Family counselling as required

– Support as required to the families whilst the persons are in rehab

– Intensive Tailored Individual programs

– Therapy for any mental trauma suffered

– Residential Treatment and /or Partial Hospitalisation if required

– Drug Addiction Intervention Methods

1907953_737101266330757_153613182_n March 2014 – Seva84… Because Every Child Matters

This is Harjeet Kaur. She lost her father in the 1984 Genocide, along with her home and other assets. Harjeet Kaur was widowed 3 years back, when her husband died in an unexpected accident. Since this time Harjeet Kaur has faced daily struggles.

There are 5 persons living in Harjeet Kaur’s household. No person is working, the family survive with monthly support provided by Harjeet Kaur’s brother (who is now supporting two households). Harjeet Kaur requested for Seva84 to pay the remaining balance (Rs 8000 / £80) for her sons tuition fees as her brother can not afford it. As part of Seva84’s Every Child Matters agenda, we are happy to assist.

March 2014 – Medical Aid

This young girl is from a family that suffered death and loss of their home during the 1984 Genocide, November. She lives in a poverty stricken household that consists of 7 persons. Their household income is typically Rs 12,000. (£120).

Since birth, she has a huge cut in her upper lip. To date, she has received surgery on 4 occasions to get her at the stage she is at now – this is because the correction must take place in stages. She has said she would like her face to look normal, which requires an operation of around Rs 30 000 minimum. Seva84 has contacted consultants who have advised that she is now in a position to receive final surgery which will improve her lip drastically. With Guru Sahibs mighty kirpa and your support Seva84 has agreed to start surgery as her family can not afford it. The work of Seva84 (for genocide /widow colony Delhi) is not possible without your support – Thank You.

March 2014 – No Exploitation,… Just the Aid they deserve

Mata Swaran Kaur Ji was widowed during the 1984 Genocide. She is currently a heart patient. Her son, Ranjit Singh is paralysed as he has a blockage in his brain. His health and medical condition is extremely poor. Doctors have told our sevaks that medication is the only relief at present for his condition.

Ranjit Singh was the only earning person in the family, he now suffers from paralysis. He is totally dependent on his family. There are 5 persons living in their family home. The family has not enough money to purchase daily rations, pay school fees and provide medicines for Ranjit Singh, who is handicapped.

Mata Swaran Kaur Ji and her disabled son have been photographed receiving money by another charity. The charity has gained funds using images of elderly widow Mata Swaran Kaur and her handicapped son. The money received was not enough to carry them through the month of February (today is March 21st and urgent monthly aid that was promised has still not been provided). They have been promised immediate monthly support in January which has never been set up. This is a typical example of how large charities exploit these people, raise funds by marketing their pictures but fail to deliver. From 1984 to date many use these widows as political footballs for gain of money and votes. Not Seva84… all members of Seva84 UK work unpaid on a volunteer basis. Seva84 are on the ground daily providing support to these people.
As Mata Ji and her family were struggling greatly, a meeting was held in February, where the Tilak Vihar Widow Jatha, and other key workers for 1984 survivors of genocide met. They requested Seva84 intervene with this case as we have ground sevadars working daily to deliver aid.

Seva84 have been providing aid of Rs 10,000 (£100) monthly since February 2014. Our work is not just a snapshot picture.

This month (March 2014), Mata Swaran Kaur Ji suffered a fall whilst going out to purchase vegetables using the support provided by Seva84. Our volunteers met with her in her home, and realised she had not received medical attention despite her injuries. Seva84 Sevadar lead Mata Ji to medical treatment. Mata Ji suffered injuries to her right hand and knee. The doctor informed our sevadar that she needs an urgent X-ray on her hand to establish whether or not it is fractured. Today our sevadar is with Mata Ji in hospital, and we will provide updates accordingly. Seva84 has paid medical costs (which include medication, dressing fees, and consultation fees) and will continue to support this medical case for as long as necessary (including today’s costs for the x-ray etc). This work is only possible with your support – Thank You.

March 2014 – Fundraiser : Bench Press Competition by USYS

In the spirit of Hola Mohalla, The USYS (United Sikh Youth of Slough) held an exclusive Charity Bench Press Competition to raise money for charities Basics of Sikhi and Seva84. This is the official video for the event :

The event followed, Bhog of an Akhand Paath Sahib (Continuous reading of Guru Granth Sahib Ji) held for Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji Sidwhan Shaheed and Sardar Bhagat Singh Ji Shaheed. This event was a great success and over £800 was raised for Charity Seva84, and the same amount for Charity Basics of Sikhi. You can join the USYS facebook here : http://www.facebook.com/USYSchannel

March 2014 – Self Sustainability and Employment : Rickshaw Distribution



Seva84 has purchased seven rickshaws for families struggling to survive in the widow / genocide colonies (Delhi), where victims of the 1984 Genocide are currently living below the poverty line. Rickshaws enable families to become self reliant and earn a daily income.

In addition to several aspects of our Rickshaws being top specification, they are also electronic ! Rickshaws are being distributed for means of employment hence making residents self sufficient as they once were prior to the 1984 November Genocide. Seva84 believes it is much better to make families self dependent rather than distributing cash.

For more information and pictures, please visit the project section of this site.

February 2014 – Seva84 Continue to Support the Education of underprivileged children

pics update

We have been able to secure the education of two more children from poor and needy families who survived the November 1984 genocide (where over 10 male members of this family were lost). Today, many more children are currently without an education. Seva84 are changing this with Guru’s Kirpa and your support.




February 2014 – Mata Kulwant Kaur Ji and Jagjit Kaur Ji receive regular medical healthcare

kulwant kaur jiKulwant Kaur Ji lost her husband in the November 1984 Genocide. There are three persons living in their home, all women. Kulwant Kaur is the only earning member in the family. She brings home a monthly income of only 15,000 Rs per month. She works in a school as a peon (water servant).

Kulwant Kaur Ji is a Skin Cancer and Paralysis patient since 2012 and requires monthly medication. Jagjit Kaur has been suffering from fits since 2010 as she has a blockage in her brain. In addition to this she is an asthma patient and also requires medication.

Seva84 has started to facilitate medical treatment since last month and successfully managed to raise enough seva to make a 2 year commitment to providing them with the medical support they need. We humbly thank you all for your support.

February 2014 – Education Matters

pics update

These sisters belong to a family of 7 – all women. The entire family is dependent on their grandmothers pension, this is their sole source of income. With your support Seva84 has provided educational aid to these two sisters. On top of standard education, Mani Kaur (right) also requested for seva84 to fund a basic computer course for 400rs (£4). Mani always wanted to learn how to use a PC – we were more then happy to oblige. The standard of education these girls have received to date is far below the national average, due to their financial situation. We have given these sisters assurance that we will do our best to support there educational needs for as long as possible.

The potential of the newer generations of the Genocide colonies is so high, all the children need is the opportunity to excel. To date, and with your support Seva84 has facilitated the education of over 120 poor and needy students from the genocide colonies, Delhi.

February 2014 – Baby Chanchal Kaur Update 

chanchalkaurji updateWe have received several requests for an update on Baby Chanchal Kaur.

In December 2013 Seva84 picked up the critical case of 2 month old Chanchal Kaur who was diagnosed with septicaemia, bronchopneumonia, severe acute malnutrition, dehydration with dyselectrolytemia and anaemia. This was due to neglect as Chanchal Kaur’s mother died shortly after giving birth. Seva84 funded all medical costs regarding this case. We can now confirm Chanchal Kaur has responded well to medical treatment and is almost fully recovered.

With blessings from Guru Sahib, Seva84 has also taken the responsibility to ensure Chanchal Kaur was adopted into a caring Gursikh family who have longed for a baby girl. Chanchal Kaur has now been renamed for child safety reasons by her new parents and all legal work for adoption has been completed. Thank you all for your prayers and concern regarding this case.

February 2014 – Mata Shiela Kaur receiving monthly support, and help with daughters wedding

Mata Shiela Kaur Jiਸਚੁ ਕਰਤਾ ਸਚੁ ਕਰਣਹਾਰੁ ਸਚੁ ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਸਚੁ ਟੇਕ ॥
True is the Creator, True is the Doer. True is our Lord and Master, and True is His Support.

This is Mata Shiela Kaur Ji. Mata Ji lost 6 people of her family during the 1984 Genocide including her brothers, an uncle and brother in-law. She further lost her properties (house and shop).

There are 7 people living at home, 3 elderly persons (ages 65, 70, 82) and 4 young girls (ages 11, 12, 18 and 19). The father of the girls has passed away and the mother is not on the scene. These young girls have been looked after by their grandmother, Shiela Kaur who is the only member earning in the household – she works as a maid.

Thanks to regular donations from (P. Kaur and S. Kaur Luton) we are able to provide Mata Ji with a monthly income and help towards the wedding of her eldest granddaughter which has taken place on 2nd February 2014.

January 2014 – Mata Vidhiya Kaur treated for Peripheral Vascular Disease and Gangrene

Mata Vidhiya Kaur Ji
Thanks to Guru’s Hukam and your kind support, Seva84 was able to raise the funds needed to prevent Mata Vidhiya Kaur Ji from heart attack, stroke and amputation. We also thank Sikh Channel for their kind support regarding this matter.

Mata Ji lost her husband and property during the November 1984 Genocide. She has a history of heart problems since 27 January 2003, and is in delicate condition. Recently one of her toes on her left foot turned black in colour and her left hand also was not functioning as it should. Seva84 insisted medical attention immediately. Mata Ji has been diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease, if left untreated she would be at high risk to heart attack and stroke. Mata Ji was further diagnosed with gangrene which had to be treated immediately to prevent amputation.

Seva84 received an estimate quote of 105000 Rs (One Lakh Five Thousand Rupees / £1050) to treat Mata Ji for her conditions. This cost covered a 3 day admission in to hospital where full medical procedures were carried out and all pharmacy, consultation etc fees were also covered in this cost. Once again we thank you for your kind support during Mata Ji;s time of need.

1984 generations Lost Through Genocide. 2014 Generations lost through drugs and alcohol addiction

gurbachan singh ji

Gurbachan Singh Ji in Intensive Care

In November 1984 we lost generations through genocide. As a direct result, we are today losing more generations through drug and alcohol addiction. Gurbachan Singh (pictured), was an alcoholic who lost his father and brother during the Genocide – Seva84 was providing medical support whilst he was in intensive care. His condition was critical and he was at serious risk of loosing his life (read below). Seva84 facilitated the costs to try and save Gurbachan Singh Ji’s life which amounted to approx £200-£370 per day for 4 days of treatment.

There was five people living in the family home. Gurbachan Singh was the only earning member who brought home an income of 6000rs (£60 approx) a month which is now on halt.

On 4th January 2014, Gurbachan Singh was admitted into a government hospital as he was experiencing internal pains which he could not explain. The hospital insisted on conducting an operation on Gurbachan Singh. The family of Gurbachan Singh did not know what the operation was for, but as they are illiterate they agreed to it. Unfortunately, we now learnt the operation was not needed at all. Furthermore, the government hospital showed a complete lack of care once the operation was done. In fact, the family members were told to dress the stitches themselves, even though they are not experienced in healthcare, nor did they have the resources to do so.

Following discharge from the government hospital, Gurbachan Singh uffered immense pain that he could not move. With the help of Seva84, Gurbachan Singh was readmitted into a private hospital with a good reputation…

At the private hospital we were informed that as an incorrect operation was conducted in the first instance, in addition to the improper stitching and lack of care which followed, an infection developed which spread throughout the body (as a few weeks have passed since the initial operation). Doctors also identified jaundice in the liver. They stressed urgent treatment was needed to try and save Gurbachan Singh’s Kidneys, Liver and life.

Whilst in intensive care, Gurbachan Singh was under constant supervision and received dialysis treatment and was on a ventilator. The liver and kidneys are very badly damaged and in addition to this Gurbachan Singh was fighting the infection from January 4th which had spread throughout his body. Unfortunately Gurbachan Singh was fighting a loosing battle. On January 29th Gurbachan Singh lost his life to alcohol addiction, which is rampant in Tilak Vihar, leaving behind a wafe and three children.

Seva84 will ensure Bhai Gurbachan Singh Jee’s children receive an education. We will also arrange aid for the family to make them independent following this deeply sad news.

It comes as a humble plea to support the work of Seva84 so we are able to provide emergency aid as required to poor and needy victims of November 1984 Genocide. We are currently seeking funds for projects revolving around health, education, drug addiction, sanitation and employment.

Mata Thakuri Kaur with daughter Sunita Kaur

Mata Thakuri Kaur with daughter Sunita Kaur

January 2014 – Monthly aid for Mata Thakuri Kaur Ji

Seva84 continue to help Mata Thakuri Kaur Ji and her daughter Sunita Kaur Ji. Sunita Kaur is mentally and psychically handicapped. Again, their financial need is not that costly, it varies from 1000 to 1500 per month (£10 – £16).





Mata Rajinder Kaur

Mata Rajinder Kaur

January 2014 – Mata Rajinder Kaur Ji 

Seva84 is currently financing the medical costs of Mata Rajinder Kaur as she suffers from Liver problems. Medication is considerably cheap, However Mata Ji and her family can not afford and therefore requested for help directly from Seva84. Mata Ji may or may not need an operation in the future depending on how well the treatment works.

With hands together, we pray for a better life for all victims of 1984 genocide and all the poor and needy around the globe.


Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara Derby

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara Derby

January 2014 -Sangat of Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara, Derby raised over £1200 for Seva84!


With hands together, we thank Guru’s Sangat of Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara, Derby for raising a grand total of over £1200 for Seva84 Genocide Colony Delhi over the past 30 days.




Simple Wedding of Harnami Kaur and Satpal Singh

December 2013 – Sweet and Simple Wedding of Harnami Kaur and Satpal Singh

Seva84 has supported the simple wedding of Harnami Kaur and Satpal Singh, from Genocide (widow) colony, Delhi. Harnami Kaur’s mother, who has a severe hearing deficiency, was widowed in 1984. She is unemployed and lives in a very basic and poor way. Satpal Singh is on a low wage as a Gurdwara Pathi. This picture is of their wedding day, wedding seva was facilitated by Seva84 and Jarnail Singh (journalist). Thank you all for your continued support.




December 2013 – 2 Month Old Baby Chanchal Kaur in Intensive Care

chanchal kaur ji

Baby Chanchal Kaur 2 months old in hospital due to neglect

This is 2 month old Chanchal Kaur. Her farther works on low income as a battery operated rickshaw driver. Her mother died 3 days after giving birth ( aged 19 ). Chanchal Kaur is mainly being looked after by her grandmother, who works as a housemaid for another household. Chanchal Kaur belongs to a hardworking, poor and needy family.

Chanchal Kaur’s grandmother lost her father and 3 blood related uncles during the November 1984 Genocide. Chanchal Kaur was admitted in to hospital by her grandmother on 22nd December as she had symptoms of fast breathing, excessive crying, heavy coughing, not feeding and weight loss. As the grandmother works full time the baby was receiving little to no care. The grandmother had admitted to us she is not able to look after the baby, so Seva84 has taken it as our obligation to make suitable arrangements to find Chanchal Kaur a suitable home.

Chanchal Kaur has been diagnosed with septicaemia, bronchopneumonia, severe acute malnutrition, dehydration with dyselectrolytemia and anaemia.

She is currently in critical condition, under watch and fighting for survival. Medical treatment costs are being paid by Seva84 on behalf of Gursangat. Please keep the victims of November 1984 Genocide, and all gareebi families in your prayers.

November 2013 – Harjit Singh Readmitted to Hospital

harjit singh2

Continued medical support for Harjeet Singh

Last month with Guru’s Grace, sangat managed to facilitate the operation for young Harjit Singh, who was suffering from a highly inflamed appendix which resulted in an emergency operation. Harjit Singh belongs to a family from a genocide colony who are living below the poverty line.

Unfortunately on Tueday 12th November 2013, Harjit Singh was readmitted into hospital as he developed a serious infection inside his stomach which resulted in another immediate operation that taken place promptly the following day (Wednesday). Harjit has since been unable to eat and is currently being fed fluids through pipes. In addition to previous costs paid last month, medical expenses are expected to be total to approximately 100,000 RS. Harjit Singh is currently still in hospital. With folded hands we keep all victims of 1984 in our aardas and offer thanks to all who supports the work of Seva84.

November 2013 – 1984 Yes It’s Genocide


Seva84 supporting the 1984 Yes Its Genocide campaign at Geneva, Switzerland.

The Seva84 team collected over 10,000 signatures for the ‘1984 yes its Genocide’ international campaign and was present with sangat and human rights activists from around the world at this important and historical event at United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.


For more information about  the campaign or to sign the petition for the United Nations to recognise and declare November 1984 as Genocide visit http://www.1984yesitsgenocide.org







November 2013 – Some Facts about November 1984 Genocide of Sikhs

1 – November 1984 was not riots or pogroms… it was Genocide. This is recognised by many leading human rights organisations and researchers as well as Panj Pyare at Sri Akaal Thakat Sahib in 2010.

2 – November 1984 was NOT a “Delhi” Genocide… Killings of Sikhs happened across India and not just in Delhi.

3 – As per Sikhs for Justice GROUND RESEARCH at least 30,000 Sikhs were killed, and many hundred thousands of Sikhs were displaced.

4 – The survivors of Genocide are living in appalling conditions with little or no dignity, Seva84 is working to change this by implementing social welfare projects.



5 – www.1984yesitsgenocide.org is a campaign for November 1984 to be recognised as Genocide by the United Nations. This initiative is supported by Sri Akaal Thakat Sahib and all panthic organisations across the globe. You can sign the petition at www.1984yesitsgenocide.org

It is important that activists use up to date information from organisations working in the field of human rights / genocide when presentating information regarding the genocide.





November 2013 – Urgent help for Satbeer Singh


Satbeer Singh hospitialised due to severe typhoid fever

Widow Reshma Kaur is a second generation resident of Tilak Vihar Genocide Colony, who’s husband (a rickshaw driver) passed away two years ago due to a fatal heart attack. Her son is named Satbeer Singh who has been suffering from severe typhoid fever over the last couple of months. Due to the shortage of household income Satbeer was not treated on time. When he eventually received treatment it was of poor standards (due to poverty). The family was then informed the typhoid fever could result in fatal consequences if not treated properly or on time. Whilst Satbeer Singh was in hospital his mother contacted Seva84 as she could not afford the treatment. With Guru Sahibs beant kirpa, following an appeal, Seva84 facilitated good treatment for Satbeer Sigh which cost RS 25000.00 Satbeer Singh is now on the road to recovery and under medical watch.

October 2013 – Urgent help for Harjit Singh

harjit singh

Harjit Singh admitted to hospital with a highly inflamed appendix

Young Harjit (from 1984 genocide affected family) was admitted to hospital as he was vomiting followed by agonising abdominal pain. Doctors informed the family that Harjit has a highly inflamed appendix which needed to be removed before it bursts. An operation was conducted; following this Harjit was in intensive care and his family could not afford the costs.

With Guru’s Kirpa, following a successful operation Harjit was taken out of intensive care and placed into a general ward. The medical costs of Harjit whilst in intensive care amounts to 5000 rs per day plus operation costs.

The total hospital bill was approx £600. The costs were covered by an appeal made by Seva84 as the family of Harjit are from an economically weaker section of society, and living below the poverty line due to the events of the 1984 Genocide.

September 2013 – Education Matters
Thank you all for facilitating the education of over 100 Sikh students from 1984 affected families this year. With your help Seva84 is continuing to help the poor and needy families with their children’s education fee’s. Just today, a senior member of Guru Har Krishan Public School emailed Seva84 many photo updates. Thank you all for enabling Seva84 to assist families affected by the 1984 Genocide with their education in Tilak Vihar and other colonies in Delhi.


education 1

education 2

education 3

education 4

education 5


September 2013 – Huddersfield Mela

huddersfield mela

Seva84 at the Huddersfield Summer Mela

There is a disabled lady belonging to a family who survived the November 1984 Genocide. The family cannot afford the monthly expenditure of buying needed diapers for the disabled lady. With support from sangat at the Huddersfield Summer Mela, Seva84 is able to provide diapers for the disabled adult citizen at Tilak Vihar on a monthly basis. In addition to this, this month we have managed to finance the education of a child belonging to a poor and needy genocide survivor family.

Also this month, Seva84 have been working tirelessly, building strong networks with various specialists to ensure the survivors of the 1984 genocide and their families are able to receive the exact assistance they need. In addition to this we have been on the ground aiding families with the health and education costs they are in need of…. we have also been raising awareness and sharing our research with other charities, NGO’s and organisations, in an effort to ensure the wider needs of the residents in the Delhi colonies are met. This is an ongoing commitment which is progressing significantly. Progress updates regarding this will be updated over the winter (Dec / Jan).

August 2013 – Providing support for those wounded during the Attacks on residents in the Genocide Colony


Bhai Manohar Singh Ji – hit by a bullet during the attacks. Seva84 providing support

This is Bhai Manohar Singh Ji who was hit with a bullet when the police fired upon the residents at Tilak Vihar, Delhi. Like others, the family do not understand why the police turned their guns towards the Sikhs of Tilak Vihar. The bullet pierced his ear then badly fractured his jaw. Doctors have inserted a plate into the lower part of his mouth and he is surviving on a liquid diet only. Doctors have informed Seva84 that Manohar Singh is likely to be on a bed for the next three months. He is the only earning member of the family who is now on a hospital bed thus stopping any family income. Seva84 have been working with the family and we are providing financial relief to them at their time of need. Once again we thank Guru Sahib and Guru’s Sangat for making this seva possible.



In these pictures are Sunny Singh sitting with his wife Babli Kaur, and Amarjit Singh with his mother. There is also a picture of both sitting amongst the wounded following the attacks on the Widow (Genocide) Colony in Tilak Vihar, Delhi.


Seva84 Providing Medical Support to those injured during the attacks at Tilak Vihar

Amarjit Singh suffered a bullet wound to the shoulder during the attacks on residents of Tilak Vihar last week. Sunny Singh was hit by two bullets. The first crossed from his pelvic region and into the front of this thigh. The second bullet broke his finger. These were not rubber bullets as some reports suggest. These were real bullets with alloy covering. Both families have incurred a number of expenses in addition to having their daily earnings stopped. Sunny Singh earns his daily bread by selling bangles in the street. After assessing the situations of both these cases, seva84 has provided financial relief to these persons and other victims of the attacks during their time of need.

Seva84 is a charity set up solely for the victims of the 1984 Genocide who are currently living below the poverty line. Seva84 is ready to support the poor and needy victims of 1984 all year round particularly in the fields of healthcare and education.

August 2013 – Education Matters

Our Education Matters video is now complete ! Please watch this video to see how your finacial support has been utalised.

bhaagi kaurji

Left : Seen soon after the initial attack on residents of the Genocide Colony at Tilak Vihar,
Right : A traumatised widow, Bhaagi Kaur holding a gas shell

August 2013 – Attacks on residents of Tilak Vihar, Genocide Colony

Below is information gathered from the residents, victims and sevadars in Tilak Vihar regarding the Attacks on India’s Independence day last week.

Day 1 : 15th August 2013

The incident started with Hindu dalits (balmikis) abusing, degrading and assaulting Sikh youths. On this occasion one boy in particular was repeatedly assaulted for two days in a row. The numbers of dalits were over 100 when they started to attack the sacred Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj Sahib which houses the pictures of November 1984 martyrs.

Some Sikhs brought the issue to the attention of the police station in Tilak Vihar, where a fight then erupted outside. The police left the police station and immediately sided with the dalits. The police started shooting at the local Sikhs when it was their residential colony and Gurdwara which was under attack. This was visibly clear as the balmikis were holding sharp weapons. Those being attacked by balmikis and fired at by the police were Sikhs largely victims of the November 1984 Genocide.

Some Sikhs were taunted about November 1984, and were told they will burn the same way (with tyres around their necks). They were being openly insulted by the dalits. When Sikhs gathered to defend themselves from stones and bricks the police fired at the Sikhs. Reports suggest at least 4 wounded. In fact many were wounded, most suffered minor injuries.

Seva84 members encouraged all wounded persons to attend hospital. Seva84 facilitate finance to enable some poor and needy residents to get treated. Some victims could not afford medication, they were sent away from the hospital in pain, without even any painkillers.

The police have not provided a reason as to why they so quickly turned their guns to the Sikhs (widow genocide colony, Tilak Vihar). The residents were not provoking anyone and simply remained at their colony, they had nowhere else to go.

It is known that some widows of 1984 and their families were pelted with stones etc and received injuries as was the case with Bhagi Kaur (a widow who lost 11 members of her family in the November 1984 genocide) who received a gas shell at the door of her home. For many of the elder residents of the colony, scenes of the November 1984 genocide were coming back.

Babu Singh Dukhiya (who lost almost 40 members of his family and extended family in the 1984 Genocide) believes that the attacks were preplanned as the dalits arrived fully equipped with knives and other sharp weaponry. Also, it appears this is not the first time the dalits have provoked and taunted the Sikh residents at Tilak Vihar.

Day 2. 16th August 2013

In the morning the conflict continued, there is a heavy police presence in Tilak Vihar, the Sikh residents of Tilak Vihar have been awake all night fearing and expecting to receive more attacks. A Curfew is in affect and all shops are closed. Some elderly and disabled residents in Tilak Vihar requested for help with groceries from seva84 sevadars which were provided later in the day at their own expense.
It is clear that Delhi Gurdwara Committee is providing medical aid to all the wounded. We commend this and have received reports that this was managed very efficiently. However, it is important to note the immediate help required is not limited to just medical costs. Seva84 received requests for help from some of those injured as most earn bread by the day. With a curfew in place, some could not open their small businesses. Those wounded can not draw in an income for the day, which means this can easily result in no evening meal. If any larger organisations make a decision to pay any compensation, this would take a matter of months. Seva84 members have been in communication with many of the wounded all day.
Media reports suggest that the police fired rubber bullets into the air. This is incorrect. Pictures from 15th August show guns were pointing at the Sikhs in the widow colony and Sikhs were shot at. Furthermore hospital reports clearly state metal bullets were removed from some of the severely injured. It is concerning why other Sikh Media have also reported otherwise. Those with minor injuries have been released from hospital. 2 – 5 of the severely wounded are still in hospital.

Seva84 also learnt that a female resident of Tilak Vihar, Rajni Kaur is due a operation tomorrow as she suffered a fractured skull before being pelted by a brick.

Day 3 17th August 2013

The operation of Rajini Kaur was successful and she is responding well to treatment. Rajini is due another operation shortly.

Family of Manohar Singh (victim who suffered dislocated jaw and a bullet wound) and others have requested for financial support from seva84 which we are providing.

July 2013

july 1 year anniversary

Charity Seva84 is 1 year one !

Charity Seva84 is now one year old ! We sincerely thank all who support our work for survivors of the November 1984 genocide, who are still suffering on in silence. Without your support this seva would not be possible.






july joginder singh update

Bhai Joginder Singh Ji in clinic, learning how to balance on his new artificial legs.

Joginder Singh unfortunately lost his legs under a train, and NGO organisations in India refused to provide him with a much needed replacement artificial pair. Thanks to your support, earlier this yearSeva84 managed to raise the finance for Bhai Sahib to receive a good pair of artificial legs that are suitable for daily use, and that also come with a 2 year structural guarantee. Due to domestic circumstances, Joginder Singh was unable to receive his treatment immediately. Joginder has now been learning to walk using his new legs for 2-3 months. Doctors have advised it is a lengthy process and hard work to learn how to balance completely independently but Joginder Singh Ji is progressing well.

We humbly request sangat’s aardas so Joginder Singh ji can walk independently in the very near future. We also request your aardas and support for a better standard of living for all persons in the widow colonies, many of whom are forced to live under appalling conditions with little or no access to clean water, and in many cases without any education. We are thankful to Guru Sahib and Guru’s Sangat for making this much needed seva possible.

ਕਰਣ ਕਾਰਣ ਪ੍ਰਭੁ ਏਕੁ ਹੈ ਦੂਸਰ ਨਾਹੀ ਕੋਇ ॥  ਨਾਨਕ ਤਿਸੁ ਬਲਿਹਾਰਣੈ ਜਲਿ ਥਲਿ ਮਹੀਅਲਿ ਸੋਇ ॥੧॥
God alone is the Doer of deeds – there is no other at all.  O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the One, who pervades the waters, the lands, the sky and all space. ||1||

June 2013 – Building for Social Welfare Projects


Seva84 Social Welfare Building, Tilak Vihar Delhi

After much effort and struggle, Seva84 have finally been granted permission from the local government in Delhi to use a building in Tilak Vihar (main widow colony) for social activities. Our first long term project is to establish a drug rehab program in this center as many children of shaheeds have died to drugs.


Windows and doors have been installed in this building to make it secure, more work is in progress.




May 2013 – Relief for 3 Health Issues, Ceiling Repair and Fundraising


Three Peak Challenge – Fundraiser

bibi inder kaur

Seva84 Providing Medical Costs

Seva84 aided Bibi Inder Kaur with medical costs. She was hit by high speed motorbike and was unable to afford treatment. Bibi Inder Kaur her self is a widow and her two sons have died to drugs. One of her daughters has also passed away, but Bibi Ji did not want to disclose how. Like most families, they struggle to eat roti daily and can not afford any medical expenses. The saddest part is, Bibi Ji’s medical expenses is estimated at only £150 for the next 6 months. Charities in India refused help to Bibi Ji, even tho she is living below the poverty line.


The amazing Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge 2013 taken place this month to raise funds and awareness for Seva84.

Thakuri Kaur Ji

Providing Healthcare

Baljit Singh Cheema – The New All Midland Full Powerlifting Champion !

Powerlifting Champion, Baljit Singh Cheema fundraising for Seva84 !

Baljit Singh Cheema achieved the title of The New All Midland Full Powerlifting Champion to raise money for Seva84.
Seva84 aided a widow with healthcare who needed to undergo urgent cardiac surgery


The homes in Tilak Vihar are so poorly built, and the residents are forced to live in an appalling state. Broken stairways, walls and ceilings are a common sight. In some colonies residents do not have access to toilets or showers or access to clean water in their homes..

Bibi Lanchi Kaur

Seva84 facilitating operation costs, and rebuilding work.

Lanchi Kaur is the sister of Shaheed Lachman Singh. She herself is a widow. In the middle of the night, the bedroom ceiling started to disintegrate and large parts fell on Lanchi Kaur and her family as they were sleeping. This resulted in several family members being injured. Those who suffered were sent to Mata Chanan Devi hospital arriving at around 3am. Lanchi’s daughter needs to undergo surgery for severe lower face injuries attained following the incident.

Seva84 provided seva for Lanchi Kaur’s medical aid as bricks had fallen on several parts of her body including her face. In the image, you can see a temporary solution to the gaping hole in the ceiling which is held together by wire. Seva84 is doing seva of repairing 3 ceilings in the house of Lanchi Kaur as they have started to fall apart.


Gurdwara repair work in Guru Tegh Bahadur (Genocide) Colony

April 2013 – Gurdwara Repair Work
Gurdwara repair work in Guru Tegh Bahadur colony was started. The roof and part of the walls in this Gurdwara was falling apart. Seva84 requested that the sangat (local residents) in the slum partake in the Gurdwara construction work. We should also note that at this Gurdwara, Langar is not served due to poverty. We are also implementing Gurmat Maryada into this Gurdwara.


For many, medication is overlooked

Seva84 facilitated the medical treatment of a local resident of Tilak Vihar who could not afford treatment for a nose infection, which eventually got so severe, doctors advised a portion of his nose will eventually be removed if treatment is not started immediately.






March 2013 – Appeal for Education of 101 Sikh Children
Seva84 launched a campaign to keep 101 children (all from poor and needy families affected by the 1984 genocide) in education. The only other option would have been for them to discontinue their education, with a high probability of continuing a life of drugs as happened with the previous generations.

In addition to the 101 children, Seva84 also aided with the admission of 2 poor children into a Gurmat based education institution. These children wanted to study in a Gurmat based enviornment as a result of attending the Gurbani Kirtan which were facilitated by Seva84 last year! Also this month Seva84 aided a seperate case of a brother and sististers education in Karol Bagh, Delhi.

All these education related cases are for children belonging to families who survivied the november 1984 genocide, who are also living below the poverty line.

bhai sevak singh

In hospital : Bhai Sewak Singh Ji with his father

bhai joginder singh

Bhai Joginder Singh Ji

February 2013 – Appeal for Bhai Joginder Singh Ji
With Guru Sahib’s kirpa and sangats support, seva84 raised £2800 for Bhai Joginder Singh to receive artificial legs as unfortionatly his legs were amputated after a train accident the previous year.
Also this month, if it was not for your kind support, we would not be able to aid Bhai Sewak Singh Ji’s health needs since his unfortunate accident in August 2012 to date. On 5th February 2013 Seva84 provided Sewak Singh with a much needed wheelchair, a cast support for his legs (to help him stand), strong kneepads (to prevent the knees from bending whilst standing) and cushioning (for comfort). None of this would have been possible without your kind support, for this we thank you, but abvove all we thank Vaheguru as without their blessings this seva can not be completed.

December 2012 – Medical Health Camp

Can you believe a health camp for all residents has never been set up at this colony for 1984 genocide victims until now? These people have no real access to appropriate health services to meet their needs.


Male residents receiving a complete and free health check.

With your support, Seva84 facilitated a health camp in a slum where poor and needy residents of all ages received a free medical health check. This is in a location where residents have no clean water or even toilets in their small homes (which are typically just a total of two rooms). Hundreds of families received a complete and free medical check up. Out of the hundreds seen, 132 persons were diagnosed with illnesses and were given free medication as required. Two persons were referred to hospital as they require a higher level of treatment.


Female residents receiving a complete and free health check.

The total cost for all of the above was under £400. This was funded by seva84 as several other charities in Delhi refused or could not help for various reasons. We did not appeal for the funds online as they were raised on ground.

Health and Education are key focus areas for the needy residents (1984 victims) living below the poverty line in the colonies, Delhi. Seva84 will continue to assist the families of those who are suffering as a result of November1984 genocide and appreciate your support.

November 2012 – Winter Relief Project and NHS Blood Drive

Seva84 established a partnership with the NHS to enable Sikhs to donate blood every November in memory of the November 1984 Genocide.


NHS Annual Blood Drive in memory of the November 1984 Genocide


Some people in Tilak Vihar and other colonies sleep in rooms which have no walls. These homes suffer the most during Delhi’s cold winters.









A snap shop distribution of blankets to the poor and needy residents of Tilak Vihar. Following an assessment, some households also received items of clothing to help them cope with the winter.

Delhi winters are incredibly cold. Last winter, sangat from north London donated jackets, jumpers and other winter wear to those in need in Delhi.

This month, some sevadars in Delhi provided poor families (victims of 84) with provisions (blankets and clothing) to help them cope with the cold winters.

In total, over 150 poor and needy families benefited from this project. Priority was given to the many homes who have open walls, as these are worst hit by the cold Delhi winters.



October 2012
This month Seva84 delivered a display of interactive presentations in various places around the UK to highlight the needs of survivors of the 1984 genocide.

Seva84 also established a partnership with a film company to raise the profile of the November 1984 Genocide by producing a high profile docufilm.

September 2012 – Kirtan Classes


Seva84 provide sets of Tabla’s and Vaja’s to start off free Gurbani Kirtan classes in this slum.

This month Seva84 provided two gurdwaras situated in slums with instruments to facilitate Gurbani Kirtan classes which are still taking place. The granthi in one gurdwara was doing kirtan seva on a vaja with missing keys. In May this year Seva84 provided 5 sets of Vaja Tabla for children / youth to learn Kirtan at another Widows Colony in Tilak Vihar, an area where drugs and crime is rampant. Learning Gurbani Kirtan has many spiritual benefits along side keeping the learners in tune with Sikhi and away from negetive influences, the learners are also bound to keep kesh. Kirtan Seva is also a needed means for income in these poor peoples homes – please continue to help us to help them. Kirtan classes are in progress in both Colonies using the instruments Seva84 have provided. Thank You.

Also this month, Seva84 conducted extensive research in Mangolpuri and surrounding areas. We have uncovered a wealth of history and gained a deeper insight into the tragic events of the November 1984 Genocide.

August 2012
This month Seva84 provided two families with urgently needed finance for the medical needs of two poor and needy persons.

Bhai Sewak Singh

The main Widow Colony at Tilak Vihar is very poorly built. The stairways, roofs, ceilings and walling within the properties are faling apart after just a couple of decades of being built. This month, Bhai Sewak Singh Ji fell through the toop of a roof whilst flying a kite. Sewak suffered many injuries and broken bones including two broken legs and broken ribs which punctured a lung causing internal bleeding. In addition to this Sewak suffered a fractured spine which squashed some vital nerves making it very unlikely that Sewak will ever walk again. Bhai Sewaks family are very poor and classified as living below the poverty line. The medical costs were in excess of over Rs. 4 lacs, future costs are likely to amount to around the same cost.

Bibi Darshan Kaur, second from right wearing yellow suit with white chunni.

Also this month, Seva84 provided Darshan Kaur mother of Jaswinder Kaur with 10,000rs towards a kidney transplant. Jaswinder Kaur suffered heavy depression after pregnancy on finding out her child was severely disabled. Unfortionatly her child died at 2 months due to weakness. Jaswinder was then informed that she was in urgent need for a kidney transplant which her husband offered to provide. Seva84 contributed the above amount towards this, whilst other amounts are raised by other organisations in Delhi.

This month Seva84 also provided finance to 3 other poor and needy families, after conducting financial assessments. These families were incurring debts due to the hardships of living below the poverty line.


June 2012 – Charity Status
Seva84 is no longer just a non-profit organisation, Seva84 has offivially achieved charity status by the charity commission.

May 2012 – Education assessment

Children of a 1984 Colony in North West Delhi with virtually no real opportunity in life... with your support, we can change this !

Children of a 1984 Colony in North West Delhi with virtually no real opportunities in life… with your support, we can change this!

Three teachers visited the colonies to observe and assess the quality of education in these colonies. A shocking discoverty was made, that in one colony, the quality of education is not present or very poor up to the ages of 10/11, and after this age, there is no education at all. In another colony we found a number of students do not continue their education as they are either young careers to their ill parents or for drug related circumstances.




April 2012 – Started our first Sikhi Promotion Day

Langar is not served regularly due to poverty. Seva84 started a monthly Sikhi promotion day, where langar is also served.

Langar is not served regularly due to poverty. Seva84 started a monthly Sikhi promotion day, where langar is also served.

We found that in all colonies, generally speaking, there is not a strong presence of Gursikhi. For this reason, we started up a monthly Sikhi promotion day where Sikhi is propagated in an interactive way and core teachings are delivered to the young and elders alike. This iniative was carried out under the Guru Manio Granth Project.

Also this month, Seva84 provided financial support to three persons in need who have serious health conditions.



November 2011 – March 2012


Survivors of the November 1984 Genocide living in squalor conditions around sewage with no clean water.

Seva84 has conducted all preliminary research from scratch without any financing from any other organisations. This included on the ground research in Delhi searching out colonies where victims of 1984 are living. Other research included assessing living conditions, and identifying the needs of the residents (all families who have survived the 1984 November Genocide) in various different colonies around Delhi.

Our research and projects are grass roots and therefore take up much time. All volunteers of Seva84 work on an unpaid basis.

Bhog of Akhand Path Sahib has taken place on 23rd December 2011 at Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj Sahib, Tilak Vihar Delhi. Aardas was done for a better standard of living for those within the colonies, and chardi kala of the Sikh Panth.

1 (49)

Some poorly built homes in Tilak Vihar

Seva84 Projects are not quick and easy. There are deep rooted issues which require specialist help from specialist organisations whom we have, and are forging relationships with.