Seva84’s Inclusive Healthcare Programme


Elderly widows who shared the same horrors meet outside their homes. Seva84 would like to ensure healthcare for all

Currently, most families within the Widow Colonies have an extremely low income, and do not receive a free healthcare service. This is one of the priority areas in which Seva84 seeks to intervene and provide:

  • Funding for costs of operations for the improverished and needy
  • Access to local doctors and treatments as required


Seva84’s Every Child Matters Campaign:

The head granthi at Shaheed Ganj Sahib is standing in a potential classroom

Most children in the colonies are educated to a poor standard in comparison to their peers around Delhi. Parents and teachers have little expectations of the children as they are heavily impacted by the negative poverty related influences of drugs, alcohol, prostitution and crime around them. Alarmingly, the number of students falling victim to these is rising. After schooling, the few students that have an ambition to further their education in college often find they cannot due to financial restraints.


Seva84 believes education is pivotal in shaping the current and future generations of the children living within the colonies. Our Every Child Matters Campaign is designed to upgrade education by providing the opportunity for all children to reach their full potential. Seva84 aims to provide courses, particularly in vocational subjects, allowing students to gain recognised qualifications on completion of their training programmes. The campaign aims to provide education in a way that motivates the students, pushing them to raise attainment levels and giving young  learners an aspiration in life; aspirations which most their parents did not have.

Children with no aspiration passing time at 1pm on a Wednesday afternoon

Every child really does matter under this campaign, and we aim to work with the young learners within the colonies every step of the way. In addition to education, we intend to provide professional careers advice, making students conscious of where they are, and what they need to do in order to succeed in their chosen careers.

The above can only be done with your kind support in donating and encouraging others to do the same. Presently, our efforts are largely restricted to the Tilak Vihar area that houses 2000 families. Tilak Vihar has the largest widow colony. We are aware of at least seven other widow colonies that are facing the same challenges.

Any donations will help, please set up standing orders for whatever amount you can afford. Together, we can help to prevent more generations falling into unemployment, drug addiction and prostitution. Seva84 intends to:

      • Provide calm, caring and quality learning in harmonious environments where every young person feels valued, secure and able to learn.
      • Provide additional education programmes that present the children with an alternative to street crime and drugs.
      • Provide courses that develop skills and knowledge for children, particularly those who have never experienced the use of computer technology before.
      • Work with local colleges to secure (and where necessary fund / partly fund) places for children from the colonies.
      • Ensure each young person has careers advice so they are aware what stage they are at, and what direction to go in order to work towards achieving their aspirations.

Our long term plan is to open up a school within reach of all children living in the Widow Colonies. The school would:

      • Have specially selected teachers who genuinely care for the needs of students and who have a constant focus on attainment
      • Offer a range of teaching styles to maximise students input, output  and interest
      • Track student progress, expressing the belief that every student truly matters.
      • Identify when a student is slipping and use intervention strategies to put the child back on track
      • Identify individual learning needs and give frequent  feedback  to students and parents to ensure optimal attainment
      • Give each young person a real opportunity to reach their full potential

Seva84’s Guru Manio Granth Project

Enterence to Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj Sahib at Tilak Vihar

Wherever possible Seva84 is working closely with Gurdwaras within the colonies to ensure they are being utilised properly and ensuring that residents are given good access to Sikhi.


While many have kept steadfast with Sikhi, unfortunately a significant and growing number of disaffected youth are drifting away from their faith and turning to crime. In this respect Seva84 has:



A Nishan Sahib and Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib is present... langar is not served frequently

    • Set up a langar program at Tilak Vihar as Gurdwaras in the colonies have little funds, therefore free meals are not served regularly.
    • Initiated plans to educate children and youth in Gurmat Sangeet, Shaster Vidiya, history and Sikhi. This requires funding for shasters, kirtan instruments and other resources.